Virtual Career Fairs/Licensing

The future of events is here… By attending a virtual job fair or a virtual training event, in a single night you can engage hundreds if not thousands of people online without traveling to a hotel or setting up a costly booth. With our numerous methods of advertising and candidate sourcing we bring qualified candidates to you and also deliver a platform that is customizable for all types of events. With our numerous methods of advertising and candidate sourcing we bring qualified candidates to you.

Today’s job market has fully rebounded from the high unemployment rates seen during the Great Recession, and human resources managers are facing a new problem: connecting to qualified applicants for their job vacancies. Companies need new means of reaching out to prospective applicants, many of whom are members of the Millennial and Gen Z generations; digital natives who prefer engaging with a prospective employer via email and instant messaging before any face-to-face meeting happens. To be responsive to the needs of this new generation of workers, companies need to adapt by using new technology.

Today’s HR managers are ready for the next evolution in technology, which will help them find the best people for the job with the least difficulty. That new evolution is here; brought to you by Premier Virtual. When it comes to finding qualified applicants for a position, human resources managers have always faced difficulty spreading the word and tackling the daunting task of interviewing. The modern era has brought about numerous changes in the way employers seek out applicants; job fairs became popular as a way to vet multiple candidates at once, and the advent of the internet ushered in the wave of continually more advanced job posting boards.

Next Generation Recruitment Events

Premier Virtual is a multi-functional SaaS platform designed to facilitate hiring. The Company can host virtual recruitment events for a nationwide audience that can attend these events from a desktop computer or from their smartphone. Recruitment events can be hosted for more than one location at a time, so that large companies with numerous offices across the nation can hire for several positions at once.

At a typical job fair event, PV attains a high level of user engagement, with 1,000 candidates registering and an 82% login ratio, compared to in-person job fairs’ turnout rate of 40% to 50%. The Company can also custom-build software based on clients’ needs, making it highly versatile and customizable. The Company’s technology can be integrated with Recruiterbox, Simplytexting, Ringless VM, and Zoom video conferencing

Are you looking to conduct your own Virtual Career Fair, join an event in your city or use the Virtual Platform, candidate tracking system, and marketing tools on a daily basis? Premier Virtual can help you with all that. Our Virtual Platform gives you the flexibility to customize what you are looking for. Premier Virtual has opened up its technology for white labeling and licensing, in addition to hosting events for clients.

Our Virtual Platform gives you the ability to create a virtual hiring room where you can post jobs, link your Social Media, chat directly with candidates and conduct video interviews. All the data is tracked in your company dashboard (applications, registered candidates, key word searchable resumes) as well being able to text, email and send voicemails through the platform. If you are looking for the most complete virtual recruitment platform, then look no further.

  1. Individual companies can host a virtual career fair in 1 market or multiple markets at one time without the high cost of travel and being out of the office all day.
  2. Multi-company career fairs are put on throughout the country with small mom and pop companies all the way to Fortune 100 companies. Look at our schedule page for an event near you.
  3. Virtual Hiring Rooms are customized to your specific needs and can be licensed for a specific period of time to help your recruiting team find qualified candidates.

To request a free demo, or more information about hosting your own virtual events, please contact us now!

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